These paintings are objects that live as portals to other realms, a relatively permanent record of moments in earthly time condensed into a physical form. My current practice explores the ways subtle energies and ephemeral vibration can be made visible using energetically-charged paint to create fields of color, light and texture. 

These works are made with rainwater from the forests of Washington’s Olympic Peninsula, and employ sound vibration emitted over extended periods of time to distill a specific quality in the painting. While being submerged in pools of pigment to hold many layers of transparent paint, an audio selection was directed inside the pigment through a speaker, continuously over several weeks. 

The audio used to charge these paintings is the sacred Sanskrit syllable “Aum” chanted by Sri Chinmoy. “Aum” is considered the “seed-sound of the universe”, and prefaces all mantras from the Vedas, which hold the most ancient body of knowledge known to humanity.