From Sky to Sky views the ether as an expanse of ever-transcendent infinity, while also imagining it as a collective breath, a kind of equalizing homeland connecting all living beings. Within this work, I reflect on the necessity and urgency of vastness in this moment.

My works offer passage to an intermediate space between the seen and unseen, en route to subtle, unknown destinations. Hovering between shifting planes, they describe multiple realms, dimension, and volume or vacuum.

My paintings appear to be in constant motion through layered transparency, color gradation and repeated forms, employing a variety of media including oil, acrylic, charcoal and watercolor. Lyrical lines dance beyond a framework constructed of refracted light and shadow.

My sculptures collaborate with and amplify the physical flatness of the paintings, playfully posing questions about the work’s own imagined origin and history, material composition and density. These works are solid structures covered in canvas, composed of a variety of media such as silver leaf, limestone, charcoal, encaustic paint, aluminum, or copper. Alternating between seemingly weightless and impossibly dense, some works echo invisible forces of nature, while others reference geologic strata or relics from ancient civilizations on earth or beyond.

Link to the exhibition at CIRCA Gallery