The objects I create have evolved from silence, in cultivating stillness and reverence while working. This contemplative practice weaves itself into my studio practice, offering it a subtle weight. 

The works themselves become a connecting link, a way to define and navigate an intermediate space between the outer and the inner worlds, the seen and the unseen. They exist as a relatively permanent record of moments in time in an earthly, tangible form. 

These objects offer a passage into ambiguous spaces and realities, to subtle realms of unknown destinations, inviting a visual dialogue along the way. Employing a playful game-like position, they pose questions about their own nature - their origin and history, their material composition and weight. Alternating between the weightless and the dense, some works reference invisible forces of nature like gravity or a magnetic field, while others echo earthly growth and decay, geologic strata, relics from ancient civilizations, or rocks from the moon.

January 2019
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